Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thinking About Your Rivals' Offense?

Dear NCAA fans,

Just a question for you I am very curious about.

If you are an Auburn fan, do you think about whether or not Bama’s power I offense will work next year and in the future?
If you are a Bama fan, are you thinking that Auburn’s spread option offense will not work next year?
If you are Gamecock, are you thinking that Clemson’s various offensive formations (wild cat, power I, shotgun) will not work next year?
If you are a Clemson fan, are you thinking and hoping that South Carolina’s Power I will not work next year?
If you are an FSU fan, are you hoping and thinking that Florida’s spread option or direct snap offense will not work next year?
Florida fans, are you hoping and anticipating that FSU’s offense will drop off now or in the future?

I ask this because I am just wondering if it is normal to have thoughts about your rival’s offense and whether or not it will work. I have only spoken with 3 UGA fans about football, this Spring, and to the man they are all expecting, hoping, and anticipating that (at a very minimum) GT’s offense will be less effective this year and in the future. They seem to think that the flexbone formation, spread option type offense is going to be “figured out”. I find it bizarre! I never think about UGA’s Power I offense. Don’t get me wrong, I want GT to defeat UGA very badly. For some reason though I am just not expecting, hoping, talking about, and anticipating that their Power I/play action offense will be down this year or in the future. I hope it’s down, but I definitely don’t think about it or expect it to be down. Is something wrong with me? Do I need to start blogging, calling my GT friends, and thinking about how UGA’s offense (the Power I) is going to be less effective this year and certainly in the future?

I believe offense is 90% execution and 10% the formation. Is that unwise thinking? Is it 90% formation and 10% execution/coaching?

Help me out,

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Jonathan Dwyer 2009 Predictions - All Wrong

Mel Kiper and NFL weekly both had Dwyer has the top back taken in the draft to start the 2009 football season. Dwyer was a Heisman trophy candidate, not Mark Ingram, at the beginning of 2009. Dwyer was preseason first team All-America.

If you want to tell someone they were wrong then please contact Mel Kiper, the Associate Press, NFL Pro Football Weekly, and the Heisman Trophy Foundation. As an undisputed fact, many football experts, ended being wrong in their predictions about Dwyer’s draft order.

Only when Dwyer was a sophomore, I stated that “he is a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 in talent. Whereas Herschel, Calvin, and Bo were 10s.” I still stand by that statement, when Dwyer was a sophomore. At the end of the summer of 2009, I specifically stated Dwyer had gained weight and looked awful. When I watched the 2009 Vandy game, with my son, I told my Dad that Dwyer looked fat and slow.

If you know of anyone that called Dwyer “average” or “a joke” you may want to call up those people and tell them they were dead wrong because Dwyer ended up rushing for 144 yards and 2 TDs against his team's main rival, was 2009 ACC POY, and was drafted in the 6th round onto an NFL team! Whoever said Jon Dwyer was “average” and “a joke” was dead wrong. Not me, I never stated anything about Dwyer that was incorrect.

As a sophomore I would have taken Dwyer over Moreno, when Moreno was a Redshirt freshman. I would have taken Moreno as a Redshirt sophomore over Dwyer as a Junior. If Dwyer gets himself back into shape he may have a good pro career, so I wouldn’t count him out yet. Or mark Moreno as the clear winner. Dwyer is 1 year younger than Moreno and right now, by my count, the score is 1-1. We will see if Dwyer’s rookie year is as good as Moreno’s rookie year, in the NFL.

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AJ Green Compared to Randy Moss?

Randy Moss ran a 4.25 at FSU and Deion Sanders ran a 4.23.
While at Florida State, Moss ran a 4.25 40-yard dash,[10] with only Deion Sanders being faster (4.23).

I know CMR made a comparison of AJ Green to Randy Moss. I don’t agree with Coach Richt’s comparison because Randy Moss is n for his speed, as is evidenced by the fact that he is one of the fastest football players of all time. In my opinion, I think Richt used the name Randy Moss as a substitute for Calvin Johnson. As you can see from the attachment Calvin Johnson was voted the best WR in the history of college football and Randy Moss was voted #2.

After this year will AJ Green catapult himself up to be mentioned with guys like Calvin Johnson, Randy Moss, Tim Brown, Larry Fitzgerald, Fred Biletnikoff, Peter Warrick, etc.? I don’t think so, but my opinion doesn’t matter. In NCAA football, when comparing players and teams on how good they are, the truth is established by the opinion of the majority and the experts. It’s very interesting that way.

UGA has a legitimate claim to the best RB (#34) and the best DB (Champ Bailey) ever to play college football. When I say claim, I mean to communicate that UGA fans can logically argue that Herschel Walker and Champ Bailey are one of the best all time to play their positions. Why? Because the experts and fans, that aren’t UGA fans, say the same thing. GT fans can logically claim that Calvin Johnson was one of the greatest WRs in the history of college football for the same reason. Is AJ Green going to give UGA fans a logical claim to one of the best WRs in the history of college football? Time will tell.

I want to help UGA fans find a WR that they can legitimately compare AJ Green to, but I don’t think Randy Moss is the that guy. I will keep thinking and try to get you back my sincere opinions. One thing I do think about AJ Green is that he is a great WR. I think Calvin Johnson had the ability to go up in the air and get the ball better than any WR to date and also Calvin had unbelievable body control. Best ever, in my opinion. More so than any WR to play college football, Calvin Johnson was known for his acrobatic catches, raw talent (leaping, speed), good character, and work ethic.

Throughout this process my goal is to find the truth about AJ Green. I can tell UGA fans want to talk about AJ, so let’s do it in an respectful, truthful, and logical fashion. I also hope to share some facts about Calvin Johnson. Comparing AJ Green to Randy Moss and Calvin Johnson may be seen as disrespectful to the work these 2 men have put in. Kind of like comparing Dwyer to Herschel Walker. Additionally, it is a lie, because again the majority opinion establishes the truth.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Demaryrius Thomas Runs a 4.38 - Forty

Thomas hopes broken foot won’t affect draft status Tech: "Thomas was taped running the 40-yard dash, the length NFL teams use to measure speed, in a blistering 4.38 seconds during a camp training session."

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Annual All Two-Star Team - Andy Staples -

congratulations to Drew Butler (UGA) and Sean Bedford (GT) for making the SI All Two-Star Team!

Case Keenum, Greg Romeus headline annual All Two-Star Team - Andy Staples -