Monday, July 27, 2009

Jonathan Dwyer on "CJ Spiller for Heisman" College Football - ACC Notes: Hall in thick of Virginia QB race:

"'He deserves it,' Dwyer said. 'He's a senior. He's been [at Clemson] all four years. He's been a remarkable player. He was a Freshman All-American. He's had all the accolades ever since he stepped on campus, even in high school. He deserves all the accolades he's getting. I believe he's a great player. Hopefully he succeeds and does well. ? It's great for the ACC to know we have a Heisman candidate.'

Of course, if Spiller is a Heisman candidate, doesn't that make Dwyer one also? Dwyer rushed for more than twice as many yards as Spiller last season.

'I've only been a starter for one year,' Dwyer said. 'This is only my third year playing. [Spiller] has been here all four years. He's the head honcho. He's the guy. The most miraculous plays he makes with his feet are ridiculous. It's unreal. He deserves it. If I'm a candidate, it's exciting for me to even be dark horse or whatever they have me listed as. Just to be in that category is an honor. We'll just see at the end of the season whether or not I'm there.

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